By: Amanda Aguilar

KSN News

For some students, today is just an ordinary school day, but not for a group of students from Chaparral High School in Anthony.

The student volunteers helped a rancher who lost his barn in last week’s wildfire.

“Our barn burnt, and they helped load all the tin out of it this morning,” said Ashland rancher Mark Kaltenbach. “Then I took pictures of the contents, what’s left, for the insurance people.”

The students picked up and sorted through the rubble for a family they didn’t know.

“It feels pretty good just being able to help these people,” said high school junior Ryan Rucker. “They’ve lost a lot, so it’s nice to be able to help.”

It took the boys about four hours to clean the barn, then they worked on the damaged fencing, rolling up wire and pulling steel posts so that new, donated fencing could be installed later on.

Kaltenbach said that Cargill had a trailer load of free posts and wire in town on Tuesday....